Automated experiences on Twitter are now easier than easy.

Build engaging experiences

Choose a format, set your creatives, go live. Sparo Social offers a wide set of engaging, brand-safe experiences, easy to set up and deploy at scale.

Connect with your audience

Engage in conversation with your target audience and followers, drive engagement in an innovative way, and connect delivering fun, playful content.

Measure performances

Analyze how your campaigns perform with best-in-class realtime analytics. Find relevant metrics, see engagements, and know your audience.

The all-in-one platform that keeps your brand safe.

Advanced moderation

Powerful built-in moderation systems continuously monitor and analyze Tweets and users engaging with your campaigns, and automatically filter out inappropriate and offensive content.

Scalable infrastructure

Sparo Social runs on a fast, redundant, and auto-scaling infrastructure that processes tens of thousands events per second with no latency to ensure best performances for your campaigns.

Secure environment

Your data is safe and secure. All sensitive information is encrypted at-rest and in-transit using the highest security standards, and stored on non-internet facing servers.

Express your creativity and jazz things up.

Find the perfect way to reach your audience and drive results with impactful formats that meet your objectives, whether you look at building awareness, increasing engagement, or driving conversions. Each of the formats encourages your audience to take action and engage with your campaigns in a playful way.

Like or Retweet activations

Increase engagement by getting users to like or retweet your content to opt-in for receiving instant or timely notifications from your brand. Ideal for reminding users to tune-in, or delivering exclusive content about a product launch for instance.


A mash-up of Twitter threads and the classic choice-based story format, choose your own adventure. Threadventures task user with choosing their path from a set of options to unlock new threads and discover new content in a fun, interactive way.

Front Row

Build awareness around your live event with our Twitter-activated cameras, allowing users to become the official photographers of your event, get them closer to the action, unlock customized content by tweeting using your branded hashtag.


Deliver instant, personal, automated replies to users who engage with your campaign or tweet using your branded hashtag, for unlocking exclusive content. Associate it to emojis for creative conversations and to connect more deeply with your audience.

Plans for everyone.


Pay per campaign

All formats available
No monthly fee or commitment
Up to 50 user accounts
Invite external collaborators
Advanced security
Business hours email support
Actionable analytics

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Starting from 1200€ per month

Everything included in Standard
Unlimited campaigns
1 collaborative workspace
Up to 4 Twitter profiles
Up to 300 user accounts
Premium support
Premium analytics

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All of our best tools, support, and services

Everything included in Premium
Unlimited campaigns and bespoke activations
Unlimited Twitter profiles
Unlimited user accounts
Dedicated support
Early access to new formats and features
Advanced analytics and insights

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